• Television is like broken YouTube Kids of a friend after their TV set was fixed and they reverted to regular televion after having used a computer to watch their favorite shows

  • Sei immer bereit zu hören, aber lass dir Zeit mit der Antwort. Antworte einem jedem nur, wenn du weißt, wovon du redest! Durch freundliche Worte gewinnst du viele Freunde, und einleuchtende Rede verschafft dir ihre Zustimmung. Menschen, die dich grüßen, solltest du viele haben, aber als Ratgeber nimm dir nur einen unter tausenden! Wenn es […]

  • The traditions of a church should be her inspiration and not her limitation. Professor Carl Schneider of Eden Theological Seminary and author of the history of the Evangelical and Reformed Church in America. Cited by David C. Schoen in: “How the Evangelical Tradition is Speaking Still Through The Stillspeaking Initiative of the United Church of […]

  • That’s because Instagram isn’t about reality – it’s about a well-crafted fantasy, a highlights reel of your life that shows off versions of yourself that you want to remember and put on display in a glass case for other people to admire and browse through. Instagram Video and the Death of Fantasy. How well does/can […]

  • iTunes is becoming a legacy problem for users who want to switch to Android just like Microsoft Office was for PC users who wanted to change to a Mac. Adrian Weckler at #ECIC18. What an irony