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  • Space or Tool – choosing the right internet metaphors

    Space or Tool – choosing the right internet metaphors What is the Internet for the Church? Which metaphors should we use. This is a follow-up of an discussion I had with Roger Schmidt at #ECIC19

  • God loves me – regardless of my Klout.  I am working at home, daughter sees I ’m on Facebook and says  "Dad, I ’m better than you.“"Why?”“I have more friends – and your friends are not real friends, only colleagues from work” How do we determine a person’s value? By the number of “friends” (or: […]

  • #ECIC19 Ideas and thoughts I will take home….

    still one more day to go but I already summarized some impressions for the panel discussion this morning. Open Source and More: Churches and Christian organizations are turning to open source software, there are many good examples for good practice. Recalling the session in the Ecumenical Center with the representatives of the WCC, LFW and […]

  • ShoutEm – Make your own App

    ShoutEm – Make your own App Recommended by Juha Kinanen during ECIC session — you pay when you publish the app.  A lot cheaper than having  a company create your apps. It is also possible to sync the app with the website, podcasts etc.

  • Towards an Online Congregation

    ECIC presentation: http://prezi.com/05eabpdvkrzz/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share Background research: http://de.scribd.com/doc/181240896/Extavagance-UCC-Considerations-and-Annotations Extravagance UCC Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/extravaganceucc Original Presenation: http://prezi.com/atusykz0pzqp/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share In German: Online-Gemeinde der United Church of Christ: Arche oder Auferstehung? https://ralpe.eu/2013/11/11/online-gemeinde-der-united-church-of-christ-arche-oder-auferstehung