A Blogging Bishop?!

A Tumblr blogpost instead of a Powerpoint presentation

  1.  In the UK: Nick Baines has set an example:  http://nickbaines.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/signals-timing-changed-2/

  2. Bishops must engage in Social Media activities: http://www.pfarrerverband.de/pfarrerblatt/index.php?a=show&id=3323 : “Persons (and not institutions) communicate in the Social Web”
  3. How do you advise a newly elected bishop on a social media strategy?
    The use of social media must be authentic
  4. Facebook versus Blog
    https://www.facebook.com/landesbischof: Bavarian Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm

    A Facebook Fanpage may work in Lutheran Bavaria but not in the Reformed (United) Rhineland.

    We have a Church President (Praeses) and not a Bishop. The Praeses is the chairperson of the board of the Synod (General Assembly). It would be hard to communicate internally, that the Church President has “fans”.

  5. A blog can integrate text, photos, and videos – and can be integrated into other websites via RSS.
  6. A blog can have multiple authors.
    Members of the Church Board can use the blog, too.
  7. The solution: A blog of the Praeses and the Church Board: http://praesesblog.ekir.de

  8. Statistics after two months:
    274 visits per day
    4.8 page impressions per visit
    Facebook recommendations:  e.g 84 for: http://praesesblog.ekir.de/2013/05/17/in-menschen-investieren
    Pingbacks from other blogs
  9. Feedback:
    The Church President becomes accessible.
    The blog has started a online feedback culture.

    A frequent question: Does the Church President  write the blogposts himself? YES.

  10. Open questions for the future: who is the target audience of the blog? Church goers or opinion leaders?

A Blogging Bishop? – We have a blogging Church President (although this is not an alliteration)!

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