There is no shteem-intshein in the Bible

Pennsylvania Deitsh is a spoken language. Traditionally High German is used for reading the Bible in the Amish Communities. The “Translation Committee” is still working on a translation of the Old Testament into Pennsylvania Deitsh. Psalms and Proverbs are already translated and included in the second print of the New Testament whose translation was finished in the early nineties.

If you buy a Pennsylvania Dutch New Testament you get a guide to help you read the language as for some people it may be the first time they see Pennsylvania Deitsh / Dutch as a written language (according to the preface of the New Testament).

German speakers will be surprised by some words which the Amish loaned from the English language which refer to objects not yet invented when their ancestors left Europe. Pennsylania Dutch took a different turn than High German with some words. The steam engine became the shteem-intshein and not the High German “Lokomotive”

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