Concepts for Online Congregations

My first full day in the UCC church house today.

The UCC will launch an online congregation:

I am happy to share my experience gained from German online projects. I feel quite familiar with online community projects of churches in other European countries (including Great Britain) through the European Christian Internet Conference network.

Maybe it is culture, maybe it is the time shift between America and Europe, it seems that the Atlantic Ocean is sometimes a border for online projects, too.

So I was happy to be given the links to the following online projects which can serve as a point of reference for the UCC Extravagance Online Congregation.

Quest for Meaning: a Unitarian mail ministry that evolved into an online congregation:

LifeChurch TV, a multi-site Church:  “The church isn’t a building–it’s people. And we think you’ll find a pretty friendly bunch! We meet in locations around the United States and globally online.”

Darkwood Brew, an interactive web television program and spiritual gathering : “This is Christian practice for the emerging faith of our world today. From the Darkwood Brew coffee house, the stage is set weekly for a hearty exchange of ideas and the way is made clear for insights and directions for your unique faith journey.”

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