Tomorrow I will meet with Rev. Kate Epperly, the UCC’s Minister for Family and Children’s Ministries.

She is interested in German/European church websites for children. In order to get additional input and to make sure I do not overlook any important websites,  I posed a question in the Facebook group “Church and Social Media” – thank you for all your comments.

Of course I had mentioned:

I will also mention the children’s church in the Finish Habbo Hotel community tomorrow. I like the idea of building a church in an existing community rather than building a new Christian community.

I was surprised and challenged when I received a private message by a member of the Facebook group  and I was pointed out that all the graphics used in these websites follow a certain cartoon like approach of presenting the church. I was asked: Can’t we present the church with another imagery that conveys the spiritual dimension, that shows that church is more than a cartoon strip?

Are children capable of understanding other aesthetics than cartoons? Probably, we must distinguish between elementary school children and teenagers.

But I was given a link to a photo blog of a thirteen year old boy whose hobby is to take pictures of churches. I was impressed.

What visual language do we need to really reach out to children and youths?

I am wondering…..

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