Semana Santa in Andalusien: Sevilla, Málaga, Cadíz

In southern Spain, Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated with daily processions from Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) to Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua). These processions are organized by Cofradías or Hermandades (Brotherhoods), and they showcase religious sculptures called “Pasos” carried on the shoulders of “Costaleros.”

The processions follow a structured route and include various groups of penitents, musical bands, and elaborate displays representing scenes from the Passion of Christ. The Semana Santa processions attract large crowds, with stands set up for spectators to watch the event. The experience of witnessing Semana Santa in cities like Sevilla, Málaga, and Cadíz is truly captivating and offers a unique cultural and religious experience.

More (in German):
Check out the photo gallery from a week in Andalusia (and Gibraltar) during the Easter week on Flickr:

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