Rogotin: A Serene Adriatic Getaway Between Split and Dubrovnik

Experience the serenity of Rogotin, a picturesque village on the Adriatic coast, ideally positioned between Split and Dubrovnik. Our charming vacation home, nestled by the sea, granted us direct access to a waterball field for refreshing swims in the sea.

Waterball field

Situated halfway between Split and Dubrovnik, we relished in the breathtaking sunsets in Rogotin over the sea from our balcony, providing an idyllic setting to end each day.

Sunset in Rogotin

Rogotin offered the convenience of a small Studenac supermarket, open every day until 9 PM, except on Sundays when it closes earlier. In the evenings, locals gathered around the supermarket, and nearby stood the Catholic church, where daily Mass took place at 8 PM.

Apart from swimming, the area provided fantastic options for outdoor activities. A 5-kilometer walk around the three hills and a 4-kilometer run up to the observation deck with a cross at 2FV9+GR Rogotin ( offered picturesque jogging routes. However, caution was necessary due to the heat, making early morning or late evening runs more suitable for an enjoyable experience.

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